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Dear me, I love you Inc

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I'm Not Alone-paperback version


From Staycia Dillard's book of poetry, "Word of Affirmation" comes to life a poetess, Makeda Brukawits in the sequel "I'm Not Alone". Another season has ended in her life. With the path that has now been chosen, she finds herself happily married in Lafayette Louisiana . However, this had not always been the case. Reflecting upon her life journey evokes memories of seasons passed and many storms endured, conceiving doors of indiscretions and shame. Seeking to find the answer to the purpose. Makeda returns to the only one that can provide the answers, learning the most critical lesson of all. She was never alone.

All poems in this book can be engraved on a handcrafted plaque. Use contact page for any request, pricing and design

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