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Scented Oil Types


Fragranced oil types to enhance your body chemistry. Fragrances bottled in 1/3 ounce roll on oils in glass bottles. Scents include. Polo Red-Type(M),  Polo Black-Type(M),  Polo Sport-Type (M),  Polo Blue-Type(M),  D&G Light Blue-Type(W),  D&G Light Blue-Type(M),  Cool Water-Type(M), YSL L'Homme Sports-Type(U),  Versace Eros-Type(W), True Religion-Type(M),  Paris Hilton-Type(W), JPG Summer-Type(M),  Juicy Couture-Type(W),  Night Queen-Type(W),  White Diamond-Type(W),  Baby Powder-Type,  Opium-Type,  Egyptian Musk,  White Musk Sport,  Black Coconut,  Blue Nile-Type,  Frankinsence, Egyptian Sandlewood,  Patchouli,  Sweet Patchouli,  Barack Obama-Type,  Usher-Type (W),  Joop-Type(M),  212 (M),Michelle Obama-Type, Casmir, Coco Mango(U), Kim Kardashian-Type, Gucci Guilty-Type(M), Gucci Guilty-Type(W), Farenheit-Type, Eternity-Type(M),Eternity Summer-Type (M), Coach-Type, Tom Ford-type, Black Code-type, Sex in the City Kiss-type, Allure(W)-type, Allure(M)-type, Rogue-(W)type, Michael Kors (W) type, Rain, Rocawear(M)type, Curve(W)type, Curve(M) type, African Green Musk, Armani Code(M) type, PE 360 (M)type, PE 360(W) type, Baby Phat Goddess(W) type, Apple Bottom(W) type,China Musk, Red Egyptian Musk, Mawa, Sean John(M) Type. I am King( M) Type and Eddie Bauer-Type and many more.

Promotion- for every $30.00 purchase you receive a free oil burning kit w/three sample fragrances. Supplies are limited. 

All of the oils listed are types of scents.

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