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Dear me, I love you Inc

Staycia Dillard-Pagan, MSW graduate of Lehman College; author of “Words of Affirmation” and "I'm Not Alone" was inspired to create Dear Me I love You INC . Her passion for helping others by sharing the knowledge acquired on her spiritual journey is remarkable . She understands that loving one self requires an intimate relationship between the three elements. Although maintaining that balance is a life- long process , it is achievable. Our journey will presents us with many storms. During these times SELF will always seek equilibrium. However without a balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit , SELF will exist in a perpetual circle of hopelessness and mediocrity. How are you going to sustain this balance ? Do you have a plan? By taking the steps to maintain these elements, we can begin the process. Dear Me I Love You, focuses on assisting you in identifying your goals/or areas you would like to change or maintain. You will learn to develop and execute objectives by utilizing a strength based perspective. Self help techniques such as journaling, open Blog discussions, exercise, quotes for the day, spiritual readings, meditation, aroma therapy and prayer are recommended. Journals and sticky pads are available for purchase upon request. Take a look at my website, and contact me through e-mail with any questions or if your ready to make that change. I hope to see you again! Check back later for future updates to my website.

Please note... that all poetry posted to blog is written by this Author and has copyrights. The scented oils with designer labels sold in our webstore are TYPES. Be Blessed.

Why us?

Dear Me I Love You,

Teaches about the Mind, Body and Spirit in its relationship to Self. Although each element has its own function, they are intertwined and depend upon each other to thrive. Dear Me I Love You, respects their roles and recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance for a healthier you. A balance is maintainable, its up to you to develop and execute a strategy.